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Can't Say No to MLB Bobblehead Pros

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When I first got my hands on MLB® Bobblehead Pros I was all giggles.  I was born a Yankees fan and like so many others, I have a huge crush on Jeter just as much for his skill as for his good looks and swag, but to see him as a bobblehead was simply adorable.  My opponent and I sat down to duel with our cutesy teams.  As we started to get accustomed to the controls we got a chuckle as I noticed the visible spring in the neck as the character moved around, I even made it to first base!  Again laughter erupted when we saw their little feet were not attached.  No legs!  Adorable.  By the third inning, the laughter had turned to some smack talking, from me of course.  I was winning and enjoying every minute of my bigheaded team kicking Mariner butt.  It changed the course of the game.

For all of it seemingly humorous appearance, MLB® Bobblehead Pros is a sports game.  The players are caricatures of their real life counterparts, the ballparks are accurate representations and all of the teams and jerseys are available.  One such real-world experience came when my pitcher had stars swirling around his head while wobbling on the mound.  Funny as it may have looked, I had worn my pitcher out trying to outsmart the other team.  I had to bring in a relief pitcher earlier than I expected and when I went into extra innings, Mariano Rivera needed to be relieved too.  The interface for subbing was easy to navigate and fluid.  It is insignificant to mention who won but it is important to know how much fun the game turned out to be for me, my opponent, and everyone watching.

No game is perfect and the biggest issue is in the fielding.  Suddenly I felt more little league than major.  I will admit to some contributory negligence since it was my first time with the game but after 10 innings my fielders were still running around the ball like scared chickens – and I was controlling them! The pitching and batting was spot on however.  Damon Scott praised, "I haven't played baseball games in a while but it's a lot better than the timing only old standard of play."

Damon Scott was among the guests invited by Konami to Dodgers Stadium to watch the home team play against the San Diego Padres as we played their new game.  It gave us an opportunity to give a first hand account of how well done the players and fields were done.  Watching the Dodgers beat the Padres 4 to 1 at home only added to the party that one particular person feeling like a rockstar.  (*ahem* Me.)

Konami has announced MLB® Bobblehead Pros is the first of a trilogy of games which can be downloaded directly from Xbox Live Arcade for only 800 MS Points (about $10.00).  Not a bad price given the hours of gameplay a player could potentially get from the game. 

Major League Baseball fans now have a way to bring their non-baseball loving friends and family into the fold with MLB® Bobblehead Pros because regardless of your skill level as a gamer everyone can enjoy playing this game together.  It is the perfect marriage of the sports and party game genres.

** One lucky person will be selected at random to win an official Los Angeles Dodgers bobblehead of pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo with a code entitling you to download Konami's MLB Bobblehead Pros for free!  All you have to do is leave a comment below.  Good luck.


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