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Betting on Beauty? Miss California Favored to Win Miss USA 2010 Competition

The time has come for all of America’s most beautiful women to take to the stage and compete for the title of Miss USA 2010. This year marks the 59th edition of the Miss USA Pageant, and what an event it will be. The 2010 Miss USA Pageant will be held at the Theater of the Performing Arts at Planet Hollywood Resort Casino. The first of many main events took place May 12th, when the beauties showed up at the theater for the Miss USA 2010 Presentation Show. The event was hosted by Kristen Dalton and Chet Buchanan.

May 16th is when the real competition begins. The event will be co-hosted by Curtis Stone and Natalie Morales. The Miss USA Pageant would not be a red carpet event without Joan and Melissa Rivers, who will be there to provide colour commentary. With some of the biggest names in Hollywood expected to show up for the event, they will need to be careful what they say to this dynamite duo, and more importantly be careful what they wear.

Special guest appearances will be from super star rock band Boys Like Girls, who will perform during the swim suit competition, and Trace Adkins, who will deliver a more calming performance during the evening gown competition.

The 2010 Miss USA Pageant is sure to turn heads and create a buzz in the media, but in a more positive light than what has recently been the topic of conversation. The Miss America contestants have always been beautiful, but the media is in an uproar over some racy photo shoots that the women were in, revealing a whole other beautiful side. The contestants of the 2010 Miss USA Pageant played a little dress up, or should we say dress down, as the posed in revealing lingerie, fish net stockings, and all sorts of seductive poses. The controversy of the photos has struck up many conversations among talk shows, media and night time comedy, but when it comes down to it, the Pageant officials stand behind their decision to host the photo shoot and say that the women in fact enjoyed it very much.

The talk over the photo shoot for the Miss USA Pageant contestants is just starting, but will certainly linger around for some time. It is just a matter of time before online sportsbooks get in on the action and offer some type of betting lines pertaining to the photos. For now, the only entertainment betting lines available are on the main event itself – which beauty queen will take the title of Miss USA 2010.

California     +400
Michigan     +1000
Nebraska     +1000
Oklahoma     +1000
Tennessee     +1000
Virginia     +1000
Idaho     +1200
Kansas     +1500
Delaware     +1600
Arkansas     +2000
Maine     +2000
Texas     +2000
Alabama     +2500
Colorado     +2500
Oregon     +2500
Wisconsin     +2500
Connecticut     +3300
Louisiana     +3300
South Carolina     +3300
Illinois     +4000
Iowa     +4000
Kentucky     +4000
Massachusetts     +4000
Mississippi     +4000
Missouri     +4000
New Mexico     +4000
Ohio     +4000
Pennsylvania     +4000
Vermont     +4000
Florida     +5000
Georgia     +5000
New York     +5000
North Carolina     +5000
South Dakota     +5000
Washington     +5000
Wyoming     +5000
Hawaii     +6600
Maryland     +6600
Minnesota     +6600
West Virginia     +6600
Alaska     +8000
Arizona     +8000
Indiana     +8000
Montana     +8000
Nevada     +8000
New Hampshire     +8000
New Jersey     +8000
North Dakota     +8000
Rhode Island     +8000
Utah     +8000
District of Columbia     +15000

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