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Miss Delaware Stripped of Title Because She Turns 25 in October (Video)

Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre was stripped of her crown on Tuesday, which was given to runner-up Brittany Lewis on Thursday night.

The Miss America organization requires its winners to be 17 to 24 years old, and does not allow winners to turn 25 before Dec. 31, notes USA Today.

Longacre is 24 now, but will turn 25 in October.

Longacre won her crown on June 14, but now Lewis will get the scholarship money and compete for Miss America in Atlantic City in September.

Lewis told reporters on Thursday that she was "running around the room and jumping up and down" upon hearing the news that Longacre was stripped of the crown and that she was the new Miss Delaware.

In contrast, Longacre was in tears during an interview this morning on the "Today" show (video below).

“I provided my birth certificate, my driver’s license, you have to provide your Social Security card," stated Longacre. "My birthday was even written on the contract that the board signed off on and approved."

Longacre says she is considering legal action.

Sources: Today and USA Today


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