Brit Actress Miriam Margolyes Still Battling Bulge at 70

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British actress Miriam Margolyes feels like a failure as she approaches the age of 70 - because she's still struggling with her weight.

The Harry Potter star is well known for her plump figure and cheery demeanour, but she reveals her longstanding desire to shed the extra pounds has "crushed" her adult life and "overshadowed" her career achievements.

And her battle with the bulge has put a dampener on her upcoming 70th birthday celebrations in May (11).

She tells Britain's Independenton Sunday,

"My weight bothers me hugely. It has overshadowed and crushed my life.

"I've let it happen through indiscipline, as food is one of my principal pleasures and I eat too much of it, particularly chopped liver. I'm going to be 70 this year and I'm still overweight, so I've learnt nothing; how ridiculous is that?"

I think she should just enjoy her life, and be happy she has her health and has made it to 70.  


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