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Miranda Lambert vs. Lady Gaga

Miranda Lambert has got her claws out, watch out Lady Gaga!

Apparently, Miranda was not pleased when husband, Blake Shelton was getting a little too chatty with Gaga at the Grammys.

A source is revealing that Miranda kept a close eye on Blake during the award ceremony.

“Miranda is extremely jealous and possessive of Blake, and she got very rude when they met Gaga at the awards,” says the source. “When Blake went to sit beside her, Miranda basically pushed him over so she could sit between them.”

“And when he tried to lean across to engage Gaga in conversation, Miranda snarled under her breath, ‘Don’t even think about it!’ She was shooting dirty looks at Gaga the whole evening.”

But Gaga isn’t the only one on Miranda’s kill radar, Rihanna was next on the chopping block.

“Blake was gushing to Rihanna about how great her performance was that evening and how hot she is — and you could practically see smoke coming out of Miranda’s ears. She ended up pulling him aside and barking, ‘Don’t you dare talk to her!’ She’s very insecure about him being around other women.”

But as Wendy Williams would say “You get them how you lose them!”

I say this because Blake actually cheated on his then wife, Kayette Gern, with non-other than Miranda in 2005.

Then he cheated on Miranda just two years after that, so maybe she does have a case.

Either way, I wouldn’t pick fights with Lady Gaga, she’s got the little monsters on her side and they are vicious.

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