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Miranda Kerr Poses in Granny Panties for Korean Vogue

Miranda Kerr is appearing her second Vogue cover this year. The Victoria's Secret model posed on the cover of Korean Vogue in what appears to a cross between granny panties and Spanx.

According to, the Australian model is also wearing a Proenza Schouler jacket for the July 2013 cover.

Does Kerr really need this type of underwear? Perhaps so. Kerr's personal lingerie was reportedly stolen by the "Bling Ring," a group of teen robbers who targeted celebrities' jewelry and clothing.

This claim was made by author Nancy Jo Sales, who wrote a book (now an upcoming movie) about the thieves, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair:

They wanted to look sexy. Looking sexy in a celebrity’s clothes, well that’s even sexier. Especially Miranda Kerr, who’s a Victoria’s Secret model. The fact that they stole the underwear just seems so weird, but it’s not weird when you think about it, because they’re growing up at a time when their culture is constantly telling them to be sexy. Everything from toys to video games to music to fashion is hyper-sexualized for girls. Stealing their underwear was part of a whole trend to emulate these celebrities.

Sources: and Vanity Fair


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