Minka Kelly's Homeless Uncle Asks Her For Help


Star magazine reports that 'Charlie's Angels' star Minka Kelly has an uncle, Michael Millhollin, who has been living on the streets since 2008; now he's asking for help from his famous niece.

Millhollin told Star:"I'm not expecting a lot from Minka, maybe a little sympathy. I've heard that Minka made it known that the family abandoned her and her mom. I don't know if it was abandonment or just tough love."

He is the brother of Kelly's late mother, Maureen Kelly, who, according to Millhollin, led a difficult life: "Maureen always had problems managing money. It was either spent frivolously or on drugs. She was a druggie."

Millhollin claims that after revealing to Kelly "all the things Maureen had done," she cut of all contact with him. When Kelly's mother passed away from colon cancer in 2008, she allegedly withheld the news from her family.

"We found out six months later and were furious," says Millhollin.


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