Mindy McCready Rushed to Hospital after Overdose?


TMZ is reporting that Mindy McCready was rushed to the hospital this morning in Florida. Mindy still lives at home. Wow. I actually have something in common with Mindy McCready. Huh. Anyway, paramedics were called to her mom's house at around 10:45 this morning. TMZ speculated out loud that it was an overdose. I think that would be a pretty good guess. Mindy's rep (she has a rep?) says that Mindy just suffered a bad reaction to some painkillers she is taking for a broken toe she suffered two days ago. Umm, should she be taking painkillers? If I was addicted to drugs, I might think a broken pinky toe would be worth some drugs. Just sayin'.

Anyway, the rep said, mom freaked out and called paramedics, who called TMZ, who let the world know. The rep goes on to say that Mindy's mom did it on purpose because the pair are fighting over Mindy's baby. Ummm. They all live in the same house. They don't need to fight. Now, if Mindy wanted to move out, then I could see the fight. Can you imagine if Mindy was actually responsible for the baby? I don't think she is ready to do it alone.

She really has a rep? How does she pay for the rep?


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