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Mily Cyrus’ Bong Sells For $70,000

When the photos and video of Miley Cyrus toking from a bong surfaced, the owner of the bong said that he wasn’t willing to sell it. He claimed that the item had some sort of sentimental value to him. Since, he had a change of heart (money will do that) and has sold it — for a whopping $70,000!

I guess there’s money where Miley puts her mouth!

We’ve learned that the bong has been sold to a secret buyer for the nice sum of $70,000. We have no clue what this person plans to do with the bong, because it really doesn’t have that much intrinsic value, but to each his own.

It must be heartwarming for her to know that anything she touches, can be sold to the highest bidder for loads of cash. But we’ve got to ask, why would anyone want to buy the bong that Miley used? Seriously, she’s an 18-year-old girl with too much money on her hands.

Now if she could only have the same magic touch for her acting career, now that would be something.


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