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Miley Cyrus Wears Bra to 'Australians In Film Awards'

We all enjoy looking at those pictures of Miley Cyrus' boobs making a daring bid for freedom, whether it's a not-so-sneaky side-boob picture, or just her in a low-cut dress, it was always felt a bit daring: "is she old enough?" and "is it weird that we know her from Hannah Montana?".

But now, she's given up playing that little push-pull game with us and has ruined everything by just turning up in a bra at The Australians In Film Awards & Benefit Dinner (in Los Angeles) with Australian fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

Also in the gallery at the Australian awards were Abbie Cornish, Erika Christensen, Harvey Weinstein and well-known film star Natalie Imbruglia, but that doesn't matter, we all know what we're here for.


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