Miley Cyrus was Michele Bachmann on SNL (Video)


Miley Cyrus did a skit on Saturday Night Live where she played Michele Bachmann. At this point, it’s hard to say who that’s more insulting for.

On one hand, Cyrus is a trainwreck. On the other hand, Michele Bachmann, with her non-stop gaffes and Sean Hannity-like fake conservative talking points, has been an international embarrassment for years now. At least Miley is aware of what she’s doing and is consciously doing it for attention. Bachmann is just, well, you know.

Last night, Cyrus performed a satirized version of her hit We Can’t Stop, only it was adjusted for the government shutdown and turned into We Did Stop. Taran Killem joined her as John Boehner, and the pair did everything that was done in the original We Can’t Stop video only as Bachman and Boehner.

You can check the whole thing out in the video below.


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