Miley Cyrus' Unicorn 'Twerking' Video


Miley Cyrus likes to do herself some "twerking"... and a video of her doing that twerking is all over the internets.

On Friday Miley appeared on KIIS FM's On Air With Ryan Seacrest to explain her "twerking" video that went viral.

"I'm getting so many people writing to me about it," she said. "It's weird I've twerked for 6 million people."

The 20 year-old wears a unicorn "onesie," in the vid shaking her booty to J Dash and Flo Rida's "WOP."

She continued:

"I had a photo shoot earlier that day and so I didn't really want to get dressed, so I wore the unicorn onesie and my friend was like, 'Everyone is gone, we have the backdrop and the lighting.' So I started dancing and said, 'Here's my phone will you record it real quick.'"

She's happy that for once she's not getting negative publicity for her twerk video, which is a rarity for the actress/singer:

"If I could walk out -- I could sing, like, at the Grammys and I will always be bashed and always have haters. I haven't really seen one bad comment about the twerk video," Cyrus laughed. "This is the first thing -- I'm like, 'I can't sing, I can't act, I'm dumb, I'm a hillbilly, but I can twerk so whatever.'"

How could you, this might actually give people something else to make a video of instead of the Harlem Shake.


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