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Miley Cyrus Posts Braless Photo on Twitter: What's She Thinking?

I’m not sure why Disney star Miley Cyrus is embracing this persona of countrified hillbilly with no class or manners, but she’s really taking it up a notch.

And the perverts who are hoping to see Miley in the buff are inching one step closer all of the time. Miley took to her Gypsy Heart Twitter account to show off the above photo, saying, “I am who I am! #braless”.

Umm…okay, Miley, whatever you say. I guess that’s one good way to get her pervy followers to go see her in concert. She’s obviously still on the path to showing everyone and their uncle that she’s no longer a *child*.

Why don’t she just pose for Playboy already and get it over with? It’s not like people haven’t kind of already seen her lady bits. We get it, you’re not a kid anymore. Please keep your girl parts covered while your shows are still attended by ten-year-olds. K? Thanks.


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