Miley Cyrus' New Movie 'LOL' Gets Limited Release


Miley Cyrus isn’t laughing about this one!

The singer’s new movie titled LOL is slated for a limited theater release.

Sources told the Los Angeles Times that the movie’s production company, Lionsgate, isn’t confident that it can sell the film well as a wide release. After two movies that didn’t do so well (Abduction and Conan the Barbarian) and the highly successful Hunger Games, which stars Miley’s boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, the studio’s priorities have shifted away from LOL.

The marketing campaign for this film could have also been tainted due to Miley’s recent mishaps, as well as co-star Demi Moore’s recent trip to rehab.

Lionsgate doesn’t really want to release the movie until all the Hunger Games hype dies down and they even considered sending it straight to DVD, but due to contractual clauses it is required to be shown in at least 100 US theaters.

The film will be released in 7 cities on May 4.

Written by Michelle Wincott


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