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Miley Cyrus Hates Hair Extensions

If you're a fully grown adult with a full time job and a taste for decent music, you might not be aware of Miley Cyrus, or the fact that she had a haircut approximately six months ago. She did, though. She had long hair, and then a person got some scissors and made her long hair be short, and now she's saying she'll never have long hair again. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the news.

We weren't sure about her short hair at first, but actually it's kind of grown on us (LOL! Grown!) and we do really like it quite a bit now. Miley does, too, as she explained to E!:

"I hated the extensions hair—that's sewn into your head. It's creepy.

"You will never see me with long hair again!

"My fiancé loves it.

"It's so easy and you don't need to wash it. It looks better grungy and not washing it."

Wait, does Miley know that it's possible to have long hair without having extensions sewn into your head? Because it really seems like maybe she doesn't actually know that hair grows without extension intervention...

As a special treat, we have put together a little gallery of Miley's hair through the ages, including a picture of her waayyy back in February 2006. Yes, that's right: Miley Cyrus has been famous for 7 years. Please feel free to start your midlife crisis over this. We have.


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