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Miley Cyrus Goes Into Damage Control Over "Stoner" Comment

Miley Cyrus, her people, and Kelly Osbourne are hitting back at the reports that all bloggers, magazines, and television shows that 'misinterpreted' the video in which she is presented with a Bob Marley birthday cake at her 19th birthday. A video in which she states:

"You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley birthday cake."

Well apparently they were being sarcastic because of her salvia-smoking bong video. They nicknamed her Bob Miley ever since and thought it would be funny to present her with a Bob Marley cake

Anyone else and I would say 'I get the joke' but this is Miley and she's been caught crying wolf before. And have I mentioned her voice gets on my effing nerves?

Not that it matters much (it's a slow news day) or that any of us truly care, but do you think this is a case of sarcasm or story spinning?


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