Miley Cyrus Goes Into Damage Control Over "Stoner" Comment

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Miley Cyrus, her people, and Kelly Osbourne are hitting back at the reports that all bloggers, magazines, and television shows that 'misinterpreted' the video in which she is presented with a Bob Marley birthday cake at her 19th birthday. A video in which she states:

"You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley birthday cake."

Well apparently they were being sarcastic because of her salvia-smoking bong video. They nicknamed her Bob Miley ever since and thought it would be funny to present her with a Bob Marley cake

Anyone else and I would say 'I get the joke' but this is Miley and she's been caught crying wolf before. And have I mentioned her voice gets on my effing nerves?

Not that it matters much (it's a slow news day) or that any of us truly care, but do you think this is a case of sarcasm or story spinning?


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