Video: Miley Cyrus Curses at Paparazzi


Miley Cyrus is a bit fed up with the paparazzi — and you can’t really blame her.

Cyrus’ film ‘LOL‘ was finally released over the weekend, but unlike the pop star’s other hit films, the coming-of-age drama fell flat at the box office.

While being interviewed in Germany to promote the movie, a video clip shows Miley running from the paparazzi while shouting expletives, “F#ck off you dirty f#cking pigs!”

With rumors swirling around that Miley might be cutting herself, photos being snapped of her after her pilates class every single day and an invasive up-skirt photo – Miley explained her frustration.

“The money you gain is a type of compensation for all the hate on the internet and for the paparazzi. You can buy yourself a big house but you’re not able to leave it because as soon as you are out on the streets, its like you’re under fire.”

About working with Demi Moore?

“She’s unbelievable great and she’s my mentor. She has been doing this job for years now and nothing’s gonna knock her down.”

Miley’s ‘LOL’ never got the support required to launch a successful movie. Lionsgate did virtually no marketing.

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