Miley Cyrus Concert Includes Giant Tongue Slide, Marijuana Costume, Crotch Grabbing

Miley Cyrus kicked off her new "Bangerz" tour in Vancouver, Canada last Friday with her trademark vulgar and shocking showboating.

Cyrus began the show by sliding down a giant pink inflatable tongue that was sticking out of a huge picture of her mouth.

According to the Daily Mail, Cyrus wore a marijuana-themed outfit, which barely covered her crotch, which she grabbed often.

Cyrus went spread-eagle while riding on top of a car and dropped her microphone over her crotch, of course.

She also engaged in pseudo-sexual activity with a foam finger, similar to the one she used at the 2013 VMAs in August 2013, notes US Magazine.

Cyrus often stuck out her rear end, which was barely covered, and grinded against oversized furry animal performers.

Cyrus also rode a giant hotdog and wore fake rotten teeth, much to the delight of her highly intelligent (?) fans.

Of her tour, Cyrus told MTV in January, "I hope people open their minds and they look at my tour as something that I do feel is educational for kids."

"It is fun for people to walk out and be like 'Oh my God did she just do that?' but there's so much that I do love about shock value, but then I really want there to be that core about the music," added Cyrus.

Cyrus also dressed up as a sexy cowgirl and got down on her knee while a dancer wearing a Bill Clinton mask thrust his pelvis near her face, reports Fox News.

Outside the concert, official “Bangerz” rolling papers went on sale for $40 a pack.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News, US Magazine


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