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Miley Cyrus Pulled Over For Talking on Phone While Driving

Miley Cyrus is your typical teenager: She chats and chats away on the phone without giving it a second thought. Well, that came to bite her in the butt earlier yesterday.

Shortly after she was caught swapping spit with now on-again boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, she was busted by the police for talking on her cell phone while driving.

While driving along solo in West Hollywood, Miley was pulled over by cops for her cell phone chatter. Even though it’s illegal and one could rack up as much as $150 in fines, Miley seemingly got away with it - with only a warning.

She has gazillions of dollars and can’t invest in a hands-free device already? Get it together, Miley!

source: Miley Cyrus’ Run-In With the Law: Teen Queen Busted by Cops for Dishing and Driving - [gather]

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