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Want to Buy Miley Cyrus' Salvia Bong?

The guy who has possession of the bong that Miley Cyrusmade famous has just realized that the economy is in the crapper and is ready to sell!

He had previously said that the bong had sentimental value and wanted to hold onto it. But now, he’s changing his tune!

The owner of the bong now wants to cash in while the item is still hot and says that he thinks he can get five figures for it. He probably should’ve considered that at the time the video came out, because it’s old news now….but that’s just my opinion.

TMZ reports:

Now the term “actual value” has entered his vocabulary, and Mr. Bong Owner tells us he’s now looking to cash in. He’s even set up an email account to field offers — — and thinks he can get close to “five figures.”

Do you think he can get five figures for the bong? Sound off in the comments below!


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