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Can Miley Cyrus Help Moms Teach Daughters About Sexuality?

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momlogic's Julie: I noticed on The Early Show and in the New York Times that they mentioned parents are using Miley Cyrus's new look and racy persona as a "teachable moment" with their kids.

"For some mothers of Ms. Cyrus's fans, her wrenching transition from teen idol to sexual icon has become a teachable moment," writes Laura M. Holson in The New York Times.

Mom of two Wendy Ellis told the NY Times that she discussed with her daughters whether it was appropriate for them to wear clothes like Ms. Cyrus's.

A few days later, child psychologist Jennifer Hartstein spoke with "The Early Show" about how to help kids cope when their celebrity role models change. She recommended parents ask: "What do you think about what she's doing? What do you think about this transition?" to open up the dialogue.

I personally haven't spoken with my daughter about Miley Cyrus's transformation ... but she's only 6, so I think she's a little too young for a conversation like that.

Have you spoken with your kids about Miley's new look? Is this a "teachable moment" for you?


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