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Mila Kunis Planning to Get Pregnant

Gorgeous Mila Kunis is experiencing a career most 28 year old actresses would dream of, but having said that, she is still making plans for a family one day. Is this enough to make rumored boyfriend Ashton Kutcher run for the hills? Let's hope so because we can see her with an entirely different type of man. By 33 she should be barefoot in the kitchen:

''In five years I do hope to have a family, and, you know, who knows? I think in this industry people have such a short shelf life, truly, that I don't know what I'm going to be in five years in regards to acting.''

Does this mean she has plans to exit the acting field regardless? Why yes it does:

'I'd love to produce. I can't form a sentence or write an email, so I know I'm definitely not going to go and become a writer, but I would love to explore other facets of this industry, for sure. I'm dabbling in that a little bit right now and trying to see what I like. But I don't know … I've always been a big proponent of not working for the sake of working, because I don't want to work for the rest of my life – I want to live. So I'd rather work to live than live to work.''

She played Jackie on the hit television series 'That 70's Show', has voiced Meg Griffin on Seth MacFarlane's 'Family Guy' for 13 years (girl must be loaded, financially speaking) and his starring with Mark Wahlberg in the hit movie Ted (which is a MacFarlane production which he also directs).

She is going to have gorgeous kids!


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