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Mila Kunis Claims Ashton Kutcher has Changed

Mila Kunis sat down with Allure Magazine and discussed how she felt about being single after breaking up with long time boyfriend, Macaulay Culkin, and even opened up a bit about current boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher.

On being single after breaking up with Culkin, Kunis states:

“For four years I was single. An amazing time. I love being single.”

After being shown a picture of Kutcher, and pushed to opening up about him, Kunis made sure to carefully choose her words and not reveal too much:

“I didn’t think this was going to be about my friends… Not about who my friends are, who I’m dating, or who I may have ever dated. That’s not talking about myself!” Kunis continues, and said, “People change. So who you knew years ago is not necessarily the person that you [know now].”

What do you think Kunis meant regarding that people change?  Has Ashton changed?  Is she saying he isn’t the cheating scoundrel he once was when he was married to Demi Moore?

Kunis is quick to downplay her relationship with Kutcher, and is more quick to talk about her on screen nudity:

“On showing skin in Friends With Benefits: “I showed side boob. I don’t need to show a**. You get one or the other. You don’t get both.”

While it is always nice to hear Kunis talk about nudity in any form or fashion, readers will definitely be reading up to hear what she has to say about her dating Kutcher, and may be a bit disappointed that she doesn’t offer much.

What do you guys think about the few words Kunis had to say on dating Kutcher?


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