Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Suing Dad for Video Rants


Filing the legal complaint in Miami, Florida, the ‘Jersey Shore’ star is reportedly suing his estranged father Frank Sorrentino over a string of foul-mouthed rants – which branded him as “full of sh*t” – which he made online.

According to the official court documents, The Situation is hoping to prevent his dad from discussing him and their relationship in public, claiming his comments are devaluing his business empire.

The reality TV star – who is believed to be seeking unspecified damages for unfair competition and unfair business practices – has requested federal judges to order his dad to stop using his name and likeness on website theconfrontationsite.com

Branding his son a “little f**k” for allegedly deserting the Sorrentino family as soon as he got famous, Frank is also said to be planning to release a tell-all book documenting their relationship, entitled ‘Confrontation With Situation’.

In a series of videos on the site, he said: “Based on what he did to me, my attitude is f**k the little f**k and I’m not holding anything back.

“You’re all for yourself. You’re full of sh*t! I put my f***ing b***s on the line for you a hundred f***ing times when you couldn’t.”


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