Mickey Rourke's Boxing Win Fixed, Opponent is Homeless, Say Sources (Video)


Mickey Rourke, 62, defeated Elliot Seymour, 29, in a boxing match in Moscow, Russia, last week.

According to Deadspin.com, Rourke had a brief career as a pro boxer more than 20 years ago, but his recent win against Seymour, who has a record of 1-9, seemed suspicious (video below).

Now, sources are claiming Seymour is a homeless man who was paid to lose in the second round.

“Obviously, it was beneficial for Mickey Rourke. It probably made him feel good, boosted his ego, to be able to say he beat somebody half his age,’’ an unidentified friend of Seymour told the New York Post.

“Yeah, Rourke did [beat him], but you’re not telling them the real story," added the friend. "The real story is [Seymour] is homeless and desperate.”

“One of the well-known boxing reporters writing about the fight said they might as well have got somebody who was sleeping on the subway and it would’ve been a better opponent,” said the family friend. “Well, what he doesn’t know is that’s pretty much what happened.”

A second source claimed that Seymour is “a professional opponent."

“Meaning you pay him to lose,’’ said the second source. “The fight was a joke. Mickey needs to stop pretending he ever was very good and just keep acting. It’s kind of an embarrassment, really. Mickey throws punches so slow an infant could avoid them.”

For his part, Rourke’s agents have not responded to questions from the press.

Sources: Deadspin.com, New York Post


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