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Mickey Rourke's Boxing Opponent Claims He Was Paid To Lose (Video)

Actor Mickey Rourke, 62, defeated Elliot Seymour, 29, last month in a televised boxing match in Moscow, Russia.

Rourke knocked Seymour, who has a 1-9 pro record, to the canvas twice with a "pair of suspect-looking punches," noted the New York Daily News.

The scheduled five-round fight was over in the second round when Seymour stayed on one knee while the referee counted him out (video below).

"I've got some things going on in my life so [boxing has] sort of saved me from myself," Rourke reportedly told Russian TV. "And for a man like me, it's better to live in fear than go on in shame."

Rourke had a short boxing career during the 1990s with six wins and two draws.

However, his most recent win has been called into question by Seymour.

Seymour told TMZ (video below) that most of his punches were choreographed and he was supposed to go down in the second round.

Seymour claimed he got $10,000 before the bout and $5,000 after throwing the fight.

In response, Rourke's trainer told TMZ there was no fix and Seymour changes his story to make more money.

Sources: TMZ, New York Daily News


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