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Mickey Rourke Proclaims "Most Actresses Are C*nts"

Following Monday's visual treat from Mickey Rourke, here's a verbal one...

You know how most actors fart on about their art and how they spend six months getting in the zone before taking on a role? Well good old Uncle Mickey just tells it like it is. Here's a recent interview:

Modern Man: You visited a Russian prison to prepare for your role in Iron Man 2. How did you prepare to play an ancient Greek Titan king for Immortals?

Mickey: I showed up. The director spent three years working on the overall look of the film and that really helped. They paid me a lot of money for a few days of work so I was happy to go. It’s just a shame I didn’t get to work with the hot blond chick, Isabel Lucas. I also loved Frieda Pinto, but she has a boyfriend. She’s a really nice person and I have great respect for her as an actress — and I think most actresses are c*nts with a capital K.

Apropos of nothing, here's Mickey on set with Megan Fox...


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