Mick Jagger Tells Joss Stone to "Shut Up," Won't Perform with Keith Richards

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Mick Jagger reportedly told Joss Stone to zip it in the recording studio because she refused to stop chatting and singing. Jagger recently teamed up with Stone, former Eurythmics member Dave Stewart, Bob Marley’s son Damian and composer A.R. Rahman to form a new group, SuperHeavy.

However, when they met to write tracks in a rehearsal studio, Jagger quickly realized that Stone chatters and sings incessantly.

Mick told Britain’s Live magazine, “I know she talks all the time and she is always up and laughing spontaneously. She is not like some broody, moody kind of girl who sits in the corner and you don’t know what she’s thinking. She’s telling you what she is thinking all the time, which is quite good really. And she sings all the time. She sings all her thoughts. I say, ‘Joss, can I get five minutes off the singing? Joss, shut up. Joss!’”

Mick is also upset with Keith Richards, who ridiculed him in his autobiography 'Life,' which apparently ruined plans for a 50th anniversary tour.  Mick may appear at the Marquee Club in London where they played their first gig, but won't be inviting Keith.

He told Live: "Maybe we could go back to the Marquee to accept a plaque for 50 years of service instead of a tour. That could work, except Keith obviously can't come. Charlie Watts (who wasn't at the first performance) can come, but he wouldn't get the plaque obviously."


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