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Michelle Williams Felt Like an Impostor on "Dawson’s Creek"

Did you love Dawson’s Creek? Actress Michelle Williams didn’t.

Oscar-nominated star Williams, who now has a string of Hollywood hit films such as Brokeback Mountain, I’m Not There and Shutter Island under her belt, has compared working on Dawson’s Creek to being in the mob.

“You set up a shop selling pizza, but in the back you’re laundering money. You’re doing one thing in plain sight and secretly plotting something else. I was plotting my tastes, my interests, my beliefs and hopes for what I could be,”she told PopEater.

Williams knew early on that the hit teen drama was not the kind of work she wanted to be doing long-term, and she also knew it would be hard to be taken seriously by the industry after being a part of it.

Once the show ended she was desperate to shed her ‘pop tart’ image, and admitted she struggled to get roles.

“Yes, it was hard getting jobs I wanted. I was a pop tart. It took patience and baby steps. I did a play in New York that wasn’t about being blonde, which led to a role in an HBO thing to a role in a British drama. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Gradually, then suddenly,”she revealed.

Williams says she now chooses her roles with a lot of consideration.

“What’s hard is the aim and that you’re going to fall short a little. It was never an option to me to make a lot of money or do work I couldn’t get behind. That’s not my nature. What is hard is living up to your own expectations,”she said.

Williams also says her five-year old daughter Matilda (with the late Heath Ledger) has a mature outlook and is being exposed to a broad range of music, film and television. In fact, instead of being into iCarly she’s a fan of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

“We like it equally. Don’t get me wrong, she has her pop culture references, but I try to make a balance, is all,she noted.

Williams is next up starring opposite Ryan Gosling in indie flick Blue Valentine.


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