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Michelle Rodriguez Reveals She is Quitting Acting

Actress Michelle Rodriguez did an interview for Cosmo recently where she said she is planning on quitting acting so she can work behind the camera.

Rodriguez first broke out in Girlfight in 2000, and also starred in Fast & Furious.

"The truth is, I'm about to say goodbye to acting for a minute and move behind the camera. I got into this business to write. I've waited 13 years to actually do it. But like now I'm ready, so that means I have to do the cutoff. I'll go into the mountains, and bye-bye everybody," she said.

"I had some bad moments. I partied hard. The world knew it. I feel like my growth is a progression. I go forward, and I've had times when I go back. Just last year I had a time where I had a bad stretch. I rebel against everything, including myself."

Of Fast & Furious, she said the movie was relatable for many Latinos.

"The movie definitely comes up first for Latin folks…They can relate because there are a lot of blue-collar individuals that feel like outsiders just by being in this country. It makes you think that living on the other side of the tracks is just a better option."

Sources: The Blemish


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