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Michelle McGee has "Colored" Friends, Blames Sandra Bullock for Affair

Wow, just when I didn't think Michelle McGee had anything left to say, Howard Stern got her to say a whole bunch of things. She was on his show yesterday and embarrassed herself and pretty much every woman in the world. Howard started asking her if she was a racist and she said no. How do we know she isn't a racist? "I make a horrible racist Nazi. I have too many colored friends."

When is the last time you heard that phrase? She also says she has not had sex with any black guys, but has dated people of other colors. You know redheads and some brunettes.

After all that she then had the never to say that Sandra Bullock is to blame for the affair because Jesse was bored, Sandra wouldn't give him sex and that she made the couple sleep with 9 dogs in the bed. Yes, that is a reason to break the marriage vows. I can't believe she actually had the nerve to say Sandra was to blame. Not Jesse, not Michelle, but Sandra. Please.

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