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Michelle Duggar Willing to Die to Have Another Baby?

Michelle Duggar wants another child so much that she says she is willing to die to have one. So, what she is saying is that it is fine if the baby does not have a mother. Look, I could see you maybe taking a chance if this was your one chance to have a baby after years of trying, or if it was miraculous. The woman already has 19 kids. Is it really worth your life to have another one? According to The Enquirer, she says it is worth her life.

"I WANT another child and I'm not afraid to die to have one!" She says that she is perfectly willing to sacrifice her own life so she can bring another baby into the world. I always thought these parents were decent people. I don't believe that every person on earth should have 20 kids, but I am not going to criticize their beliefs. I am going to suggest that she has a lot of kids to raise and that she is not sacrificing her life for one, but all, of her 19 kids, who would be left without their mom.


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