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Michael Phelps Hits the Pool... Vegas Style

Michael Phelps is not just a dab hand in the swimming pool when taking part in Olympic events.

It seems he’s very successful at regular pool parties too as was evident last night in Las Vegas when he was surrounded by a plethora of women.

The 14-time gold medal winner was living it up as he helped to kick off the 2011 season of the Encore Beach Club.

Phelps led a champagne ceremony before getting into one of the three pools with a mainly female crowd.

He showed off his skinny ass torso in a light blue swimming trunks and happily posed for photographs with fans.

The 25-year-old also sported a heavy goatee beard and dark sunglasses while partying up a storm.

Phelps also hit the DJ booth to spin some tunes as many of women in the pool wore medals around their necks in an homage to the swimmer.

He also posed with some buxom hotel workers who wore gold bikini tops and little gold hot pants.

The 2012 Olympics is now a year away so Phelps will no doubt will be holed away somewhere for intense training to ensure he swims away with the gold again.


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