Michael Lohan Says He Wants to Take Lindsay Lohan Out of Betty Ford Clinic

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan wants to take her out of rehab, though she is set to spend 90 days at the Betty Ford Clinic.

But his reasons are well-intentioned, as he believes she would receive better treatment elsewhere.

He said, "I am going to go to California and I want to meet with Lindsay's attorney Shawn and the City Attorney to talk about her transferring to the Lukens Institute. It is ridiculous for Lindsay to spend 90 days at Betty Ford. They are a 30-day program place. There is no reason for her to repeat the same program for three months."

"I know that Lukens is the best place for Lindsay in the whole country. She's been to Betty Ford and it isn't going to help her this time. She needs real help and the only place she can get this is at Lukens."

Michael is confident he will be able to get her transferred. But the court has already said it would not let her transfer and they were certain Betty Ford could give her proper treatment. 

Sources: ICYDK


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