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Michael Jackson's Ex-Manager Planned a Kidnapping Intervention

Ron Weisner, the former manager of Michael Jackson, recently revealed in his new book "Listen Out Loud" that he planned a kidnapping of the pop star as an intervention to stop his downward spiral.

According to Billboard magazine, Weisner recalls that he told Jackson's sister La Toya about his kidnapping/intervention plan: "‘Let’s do this. Let’s get him fixed. I’ll put together a team, I’ll arrange for an airplane, I’ll find the right facility. I’ll put everything in place and pay for it myself’…"

This plan was debated for years between Weisner and La Toya, who finally gave in, but then changed her mind at the last minute.

Weisner writes: "On May 15, two days before the kidnapping – and yes, that’s exactly what this was, a kidnapping — I got a call from La Toya, who was, to put it mildly, freaking out. ‘You gotta stop it, you gotta stop it, you gotta stop it!’ So I stopped it all: the airplane, the rehab facility, the team, everything came to a halt. I don’t know if the snatching — or the kidnapping, or whatever you want to call it — would’ve lengthened Michael’s life … but at the very least, it would’ve given him a chance.

“In retrospect, it was probably for the best... as one of my attorneys pointed out,” Weisner writes. “There was little question that [the law] would view this as a kidnapping rather than an attempt to help a colleague.”

Weisner claims he was eventually pushed out of Jackson’s inner circle by father Joe Jackson, who had a powerful grip on the entire Jackson clan.

Weisner says he met Jackson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles only days before the singer's death in 2009, notes

“He hadn’t looked really healthy for a good long while, but this was a whole other level,” Weisner notes. “I thought... ‘He looks like a g-------- prisoner of war’. . . He had that look in his eyes... a look of resignation, a look that said, ‘It’s over,’ and it broke my heart.”

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