Michael Jackson's Ex-Bodyguards Write Tell-All Book About Singer

Two former bodyguards of Michael Jackson have written a tell-all book about the bizarre life of their deceased employer entitled "Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days."

Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, who worked for Jackson from December 2006 until his death on June 25, 2009, claim the pop singer would meet two mysterious women nicknamed “Friend” and “Flower” for possible sexual services, reports Showbiz411.com.

“All we heard was smackin’ lips behind the curtain,” the bodyguards recalled while driving Jackson and one of the women during a midnight trip to the Washington Monument. D.C. police caught them and ran the car’s plates, but no ticket was issued. Instead, the officers received autographs from Jackson.

The bodyguards say they were with Jackson in Las Vegas, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Los Angeles where the pop singer died while preparing for his “This is It” tour.

As it has been documented many times before, Jackson was running out of money in those days, burning through cash on large purchases.

Jackson's credit cards were often turned down, say his ex-employees, but he always had a stash of cash hidden somewhere.

The bodyguards claim they were often not paid for months, but stayed on the job out of loyalty, notes the New York Daily News.

The men write that Jackson’s credit was in such bad shape that AT&T wanted a $5,000 deposit when the pop icon tried to buy a cell phone.

Jackson would reportedly call his attorney Peter Lopez and say, “Peter I don’t know where my money is. Or how much money I have. Can you help me?”

Jackson always carried a silver briefcase, which held two Oscars from “Gone with the Wind.” The singer paid $1.5 million for the collectables, which were his emergency asset if he ran out of money.

Despite his enormous financial problems, Jackson would spend large amounts of money on a whim. He once blew $1,000 on a life-size set of the “Simpsons" cartoon characters.

Sources: New York Daily NewsShowbiz411.com


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