Michael J. Fox Returns to TV with Show About Parkinson’s (Trailer)

Michael J. Fox has done something that few television actors have been able to do: He managed to build a successful career for himself without being anchored into place by past roles.

Whereas most folks who play the same character for an extended period of time often have trouble shedding their old persona, Fox smoothly transitioned from Family Ties to a notable film acting career and right back to television with his hit sitcom, Spin City.

Fox eventually left Spin City when his Parkinson’s worsened and he felt he wanted to spend more time with his family; however, in recent years he made numerous brief appearances on an assortment of TV shows.

Now, finally, the 51-year-old star is ready to make a permanent return. This Fall, Fox will star in an NBC show centered around a former news anchor who struggles to deal with his Parkinson’s while attempting to return to work.

You can check out the full trailer for the show in the video below.


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