Michael Girgenti Threatens To Sue Kourtney Kardashian For A Paternity Test For Her Son

Michael Girgenti is still insisting that there could be a chance that Kourtney Kardashian's son, Mason Disick, is his and not Scott Disick's. Girgenti has told Star Magazine that he has written Kardashian one last letter before taking her to court to sue for a paternity test.

“This is Kourtney’s last chance,” Michael told Star Magazine. “My next step will be to take her to court and sue her for a paternity test. I’m tired of not knowing if Mason is my child, and I want the constant wondering to end.”

Girgenti claims that he and Kardashian had unprotected sex in March of 2009, but Kardashian has denied those claims.

“I tried to contact Kourtney via BlackBerry Messenger, with no response,” he said. “I also made an attempt to reach her through the media, with no luck, but kept thinking that eventually the truth would come out.”

Girgenti has shared an excerpt of the letter with the magazine.

“My attentions [sic] are not to hurt the family you’ve created with Scott [Disick]," he wrote. "But at the same time, Mason deserves to know the truth.”


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