Michael Douglas Nearly Done With Cancer Treatment

Catherine Zeta-Jones says her husband Michael Douglas is “doing very well” and is close to finishing his treatment for throat cancer.

“He is holding up with strength and dignity, she told the Western Mail at the golfing world’s Ryder Cup Welcome to Wales in Cardiff.

He is about to finish his treatment and the doctors could not be happier,she added.

Zeta-Jones also gave an emotional speech for Douglas at the event.

Everyone couldn’t be happier with his progress,” she said, fighting back tears before the crowd.

Douglas had planned on joining his wife at the golfing tournament, but was unable to join her due to the effects of chemotherapy.

She added: Michael will be glued to anything that has a golf ball and a club, especially the Ryder Cup. Usually I would be watching it with him.

“He would be representing the American team and I would be wholeheartedly representing the European team, but not this year, maybe next time.”

A pal told People.com, This has been on her calendar for months, and Michael insisted she go. They are both golf lovers. This is important to Catherine and to Wales, so she made it a quick trip to be a part of the important night, and get right home.

We’re all rooting for you, Douglas.Kick cancer’s ass!


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