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Michael Douglas Amazed by Support as He Battles Cancer

Cancer-stricken star Michael Douglas is keeping us posted on his treatment and progress as he battles the disease.

Douglas tells People that he feels like he isn’t fighting throat cancer alone.

I’m in the middle of my programme, and it’s going along fine, he told the website at a press conference for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps on Sunday.

He added: “My family has been very supportive. There’s not a lot that anybody can do. You’ve just got to kind of do the program. But it’s the world you [learn to] understand about cancer. You get to know cancer survivors, and the kind of support and outpouring I’ve been getting has just been amazing.”

The actor, who is half-way though his intensive course of radiation and chemotherapy, says he has “a lot of things to be grateful for.”

More than anything, he takes great pride in his work, and says he’s looking for a great opening night when Wall Street opens this week.

Praising Shia LaBeouf in the movie, he said, “He carries the movie. I had to do that before and I know the responsibility, but Shia carries every scene.”

I caught a preview screening of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps last week. Overall, I give it a big thumbs down. Douglas is on top form, but LaBeouf is not convincing. He’s basically acted off the screen by the sublime Carey Mulligan and Susan Sarandon in ever scene.Some films just shouldn’t go beyond the original. Wall Street is one of them.

Watch the trailer below:


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