American Version of Hit British TV Show "MI-5" Coming Soon


One of the first shows that really hooked me on BBC was "MI-5." I think the first season was like 6 episodes, and I whipped through them in one night on NetFlix. I loved every episode until the one where Tom left. I won't tell you how in case you ever decide to watch the show. After that, I had a hard time getting into it, and I think they lost their way for a season, and when Danny was gone, I was too.

That being said, there is no way you can do this show in the US. Oh, I mean, sure, you can do it, but it will just turn out to be like every other interchangeable drama on television. It has been announced that ABC has bought the rights to the show, so it will probably be kind of like Alias, with some CSI and some sex thrown in too.

The strength of the BBC version is not so much the action, but the writing. Even if the show takes place entirely in one or two rooms, the writing is so good that you don't need to have big action scenes to keep you going. The show would work on HBO or one of the cable networks, but will never work on ABC.


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