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Madonna’s Mexico City Gym Doesn't Have Permits to Operate

Muscle-mad Madonna only launched her Hard Candy Mexico City gym earlier this week, and it looks like the venture’s already hit a hurdle. Madge doesn’t have the required permits to run the business.

According to Access Hollywood, officials from the singer’s Hard Candy Fitness Co. have until Friday to get a land use permit, though they will be allowed to turn in other necessary documents later, said Demetrio Sodi, the chief of the Miguel Hidalgo municipality where the gym is located.

“If they don’t have a land use permit, they will not be able to operate, Sodi told the Spanish-language station Televisa.

Sodi said the gym also needs to present a certificate showing it has parking. He said that when he was told last week that the gym would open on Monday, they didn’t have any permitsbut he granted a special permit for the inauguration.

Even Madonna is not immune from red tape!


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