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Mexican Singer Sergio Vega Murdered, Hours After Denying Death Rumors

In our Internet-dominated world, it is not uncommon that a celebrity is falsely reported as being dead. Via Twitter and Facebook, the "news" spreads like digitial wildfire, and that celebrity or his/her publicist must spend time denying the erroneous report.

So it was not unusual on Saturday when a famed Mexican singer named Sergio "El Shaka" Vega had to respond to various reports that he had died. 

"It's happened to me for years now," Vega told entertainment Web site La Oreja that same day. "Someone tells a radio station or a newspaper I've been killed, or suffered an accident."

But here's the thing: Only hours after reassuring fans that he was indeed alive and well, Vega was shot and killed.

According to reports out of Mexico, the 40-year-old Vega was on his way to a show when gunmen opened fire on his red Cadillac. Vega was hit in the head and chest, lost control of his car and crashed.

Vega was best known for a series of "narcocorridos" -- songs with lyrics that celebrate Mexico's drug cartel culture. According to the BBC, at least seven other of these "Grupero" performers, as they are called, have been killed in the past three years. Police say Grupero musicians often become targets for rival drug gangs.

Vega, who recently upgraded his personal security, said in that final interview that he and his fellow Grupero musicians were worried, but that he had entrusted himself to God.


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