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Mermaid Linden Wolbert Uses Six-Foot Fin to Raise Ocean Conservation Awareness

A woman is fulfilling her dreams of becoming Ariel by traveling the world in a handmade mermaid tail, swimming with sea creatures in deep waters.

Linden Wolbert, 32, had her 6 foot tail made by Allan Holt, a professional special effects artists who works in Hollywood.

Together, they spent a total of seven months working on it. It weighs 35 pounds and has tiny fish scales that were sculpted and embedded by hand. 

It also fits her perfectly, as the inside was made from a fiberglass mould of her body.

She uses it to promote ocean conservation and also makes videos to education children about sea creatures.

"I always looked forward to going to the ocean for our summer vacation. I had a magnetism to the water. I've kind of always been a freediver but didn't realize the sport existed until ten years ago. Shortly thereafter, I began training," she said.

"Free diving is 70 percent psychological. You have to be very calm and at ease in the water."

And with both of her parents being competitive swimmers, part of her inclination toward diving was in her genes.

She spent around $10,000 on the mermaid fin, but feels it was worth every penny.

"I was introduced to Allan through a friend. He wanted my advice for an underwater music video. I happened to mention I always wanted a mermaid tail but had no idea where to begin."

"Allan said he'd help me straight away," she said.

Though she said they had a budget at first, they ended up going over the budget but it was worth it.

"My friends and family were all there the first time I used it in the water. I couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't believe it was finally happening," she said.

Wolbert has posed for many photographers while donning the fin, including extreme sports photographer Agustin Munoz. She's posed in Costa Rica, Deadman's Cay, Long Island and the Bahamas.

"I love the feeling of freedom and weightlessness in the water. It's such a different sensation. It's very dream-like. The power of the tail is amazing. I can go very fast. The 'wind' in my hair when I'm diving under water is like nothing else," she said.

She even dives with sharks, but does not feel fearful of them as she is bigger than the giant creatures when she has her tail on, and she always has a safety team around.

"The sea creatures are very inquisitive. They come up to me to take a closer look because I'm not blowing bubbles like divers," she said.

When she's not having people take pictures of her in the ocean, she's performing at Hollywood parties. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Alba have hired her to perform at their events.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro


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