Men in 'Drunk Girl in Public' Video Claim They Were Tricked


Several men who appeared in a viral video entitled “Drunk Girl In Public" claim they were tricked by the filmmakers.

The video (below), produced by Stephen Zhang, featured actress Jennifer Box pretending to be drunk in Hollywood, Calif., and asking men she didn't know to help her get home. Instead, the men tried to convince her to come home with them.

The Smoking Gun reports that two sources close to the video say the men were recruited before filming by Zhang and his assistant, Seth Leach, who allegedly told the guys that they would be part of a “comedic, hidden camera” video and a “student video.”

One of the sources told The Smoking Gun that the production crew didn't ask the men to sign release forms, which may give them legal grounds to sue.

Josh Blaine, one of the men in the video, reportedly wrote on his Facebook page: "It was supposed to be a funny skit. Here's to watching my back with virtually no friends. F--- my life.”

Another man in the video, Mike “Mokii” Koshak, reportedly wrote on his Facebook page that the video was "all staged" and “does not portray myself or any of the other people in it correctly ... It's a false ass portrayal and I was lied to about what the video even was. Faulty ass s---.”

Leach allegedly sent Koshak a private Facebook message that said: “The important thing to consider is that this video is going to get you well known and have a future with us and our company ... We are going to be huge and you are apart of it. Just go with it dude, you are in our team now and we will take care of you.” notes that Leach recently wrote on Facebook that the production crew was “heading out to LA again tomorrow and creating some more viral videos for your viewing and learning pleasure!”

Sources:, The Smoking Gun


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