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'Men in Black 3' Star Josh Brolin Gets Into Drunken Brawl, Hugs Bouncer (Video)

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Josh Brolin, known for his role in “Gangster Squad”, reportedly got into a drunken brawl Friday night with a club bouncer, though he ended up hugging the man instead.

When O’Briens Irish Put in Santa Monica closed Friday night, Brolin apparently didn’t want to leave, and had to be escorted out by a bouncer.

After throwing a few aimless punches the two men hugged, and the bouncer tried to hail a cab for the intoxicated actor.

“We were just hugging,” the bouncer said, calming the drunken actor. “We were just hugging.”

Though a cab arrived, Brolin allegedly ran away before anyone could convince him to take it home.

This isn’t the first time Brolin has been caught drunk.

In January, the “Men in Black 3” star was found on a sidewalk in Santa Monica in the early morning hours. He was arrested and detained until he was sober.

Sources: NY Daily News, Perez Hilton


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