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Memphis Rapper Refuses to Show ID to Deputies (Video)

Mike Goins, an African-American rapper in Memphis, Tenn., filmed a discussion between himself and four Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies who questioned why there were three black men standing on his porch Wednesday morning.

In the video (below), Goins refused to show the deputies his ID because the State of Tennessee has no “stop and identify” laws.

“The first sheriff saw them, he stopped and walked onto private property and demanded identification,” Goins told The Free Thought Project.

“Once I heard him outside harassing my brother, I walked outside and asked what the issue was and he started demanding my identification showing that I lived there,” added Goins.

“I told him we’re not obligated to show him any identification so he called for two other sheriff’s and threatened to arrest me for obstruction. That’s when I pulled out my phone and started recording,” claimed Goins.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has not issued any statements.

Oddly, a rapper named Michael Goins was shot and killed in Memphis in 2010, reported

Michael Goins was known as the "Freestyle King of Memphis," but it's not clear if he was related to this Mike Goins.

Sources:, The Free Thought Project


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