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Video: Mel Gibson’s Other Girlfriend Claims He Abused Her

And the proverbial keeps hitting the fan.

A woman claiming to be Mel Gibson’s former lover has broken her silence and alleges he was “abusive” towards her during their three-month fling.

“When I first met him, after ‘Hi, hello,’ he announced, ‘Oh, you probably hear I am divorced,’”Violet Kowal, 26, told Fox News.

“And, after that, he never ever spoke about Oksana, so I thought they are not together…so, when he was calling me and when we were seeing each other, I thought we were just friends and we had an intimate relationship.”

It was after the relationship ended and was made public that Gibson allegedly got “verbally abusive” towards her.

“He never hit me, but, after the media found out about our relationship, he got verbally abusive…he said he would make me suffer…I was just so scared and afraid of him… I was really close to go[ing] to the police but instead of that I went [into] hiding for a few weeks.”

Kowal also told Fox News she has proof of her relationship with Gibson.

“I have phone record[s]; I have phone calls coming from his house and his cell phone,” she said.

Over to you, Mel. We’re all ready for your next trick. Ooh, let me guess…rehab!

Watch Kowal’s interview here.


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