Mel Gibson to Girlfriend He Hit: "You F***ing Deserved It"

Mel Gibson has been caught on tape telling ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva that she deserved to be hit, according to gossip website Radar Online.

Grigorieva made audio recordings of heated arguments between herself and Gibson. On one of the tapes, Grigorieva asks Gibson: "What kind of man is that who would hit a woman when she is holding a child in her hands, hitting her twice in the face? What kind of man is that?"

Gibson responds, "You know what? You f***ing deserved it."

Not only is this a vile statement in and of itself, but it's also an admission that he hit Grigorieva - while she was holding their daughter, Lucia. On the tape, eight-month-old Lucia can be heard screaming and crying as Gibson and Grigorieva argue. How much lower can Gibson sink?


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