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Mel Gibson Spends $600K A Month On Himself

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Oksana Grigorieva has been in court most of the week trying to get an increase in the amount of child support Mel Gibson pays each month. Currently he pays $6000 a month, although he has only paid $18,000 since December. During the hearings, it has come to light that Mel spends $600K on himself each month just for living expenses. It does not include his jet or other things; just how much he spends on himself. For a guy who ranted on tapes that he has no money, reducing that $7M-a-year expense might be a great first step.

Mel does not think his child with Oksana needs more than $6K a month, and Oksana could save some money herself if she reduced costs on things like bodyguards, for example. Not sure why Oksana needs a bodyguard. If anything happened to her, people would blame Mel, and I don't think anyone else is all that interested in stalking her or kidnapping her.

Still, though, it does seem unfair that Mel spends $600K on himself each money and only gives his baby $6K a month.


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