Mel Gibson Spends $600K A Month On Himself


Oksana Grigorieva has been in court most of the week trying to get an increase in the amount of child support Mel Gibson pays each month. Currently he pays $6000 a month, although he has only paid $18,000 since December. During the hearings, it has come to light that Mel spends $600K on himself each month just for living expenses. It does not include his jet or other things; just how much he spends on himself. For a guy who ranted on tapes that he has no money, reducing that $7M-a-year expense might be a great first step.

Mel does not think his child with Oksana needs more than $6K a month, and Oksana could save some money herself if she reduced costs on things like bodyguards, for example. Not sure why Oksana needs a bodyguard. If anything happened to her, people would blame Mel, and I don't think anyone else is all that interested in stalking her or kidnapping her.

Still, though, it does seem unfair that Mel spends $600K on himself each money and only gives his baby $6K a month.


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